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We are currently working on revamping our website in it's entirety and to include mobile access.  In this regard, we have not been able to dedicate our time to editing more videos that we have in the pipeline; those will be edited after we have completed and launched the new website, which we are targeting for this June.  We apologize for the delay if you were waiting for the release of any of those videos, but circumstances have warranted us having to put our time into updating the website first.  We will make a further announcement when the new site has been launched.


 We at Taxidermy Training Unlimited ("TTU") are proud to have a great team of pro-staff instructors, some of whom are renowned National & World Champion Taxidermists.
    Most of our instructors are in great demand as competition judges and seminar speakers at Taxidermy Conventions across the United States and Canada.  They are recognized as some of the most knowledgeable individuals in their respective fields.

    We have strived to bring you the most quality-produced Taxidermy DVD videos available today.  
All our DVDs are menu-driven, meaning you can quickly and easily go back to the sections you need to review again without searching the whole disc - very helpful for those just learning taxidermy.

   You can browse the list of all available videos in our Taxidermy 
DVD Library
 either by title, category, or on our sitemap page, as well as clicking on any instructor's image to view information about them and their Taxidermy DVD titles that we currently have available or will be available soon.

    New titles will be periodically added to our library so if you don't find what you are looking or, please let us know, as chances are, we may already have it filmed and in the editing process.  Each year, we set up filming schedules for that year, in order to continually provide additional titles to choose from.

Thank you for visiting our website and hope you will return soon.

        Randy & Rosanna Life, Owners
        Taxidermy Training Unlimited

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& available DVD titles






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